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Hospitality Clean Guide
Cleaning Protocols and Resources for Hospitality Facilities, Resorts, & Spas

33 pages
Interactive PDF
Our most comprehensive cleaning resource

We developed the Zogics Clean Guide to provide step-by-step, room-by-room cleaning protocols and resources for communicating to your guests that you are following CDC recommendations and best practices to deep clean your facility and to reassure them that they are entering a safe, germ-and-bacteria-free zone.

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Download the Zogics Clean Guide for Hospitality Facilities

What's in the Zogics Clean Guide for Hospitality Facilities toolkit?

Downloadable, printable one-sheets (ideal for sharing with your staff) with detailed cleaning and disinfecting instructions for every space in your facility: lobbies, guest rooms, spas, salons, exercise areas, and more!

Tips for communicating with staff and your guests about your updated cleaning protocols.

Email and social media templates that you can easily personalize.